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Reflection from Leroy (Unity Secondary School) on LEAP

Hey Everyone! My name is Leroy and I serve as the president of the Unique Fusion Dance Crew here in Unity Secondary School.

During the June holidays, I was given the chance to attend the LEAP programme for leaders organised by JUMP Productions through Zoom. At first, I did not know what to expect, but I also saw this as an opportunity to learn and be equipped with leadership skills that would help me in the future. When I first entered the Zoom meeting, I was greeted with upbeat and lively music. I also saw many unfamiliar faces from different schools, and many other instructors from JUMP.

The programme turned out to be extremely interesting and enjoyable. The instructors were extremely nice and enthusiastic throughout the session. They gave all of us a lot of leadership advice and taught us many valuable lessons.

One thing I found interesting was the case studies they gave us. When we got split into smaller groups to discuss, every group member had to share their own strategies and thoughts regarding the case studies.

 I found that very eye opening, because it made me realise that everyone has their own approach to the situation. One thing I took away from this LEAP programme is that leaders make mistakes as well.

I used to think that leaders were all perfect, and not allowed to make mistakes or have any flaws. However, this programme taught me that it was okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

One area of improvement I would like to share is that maybe for the future LEAP programmes, be it online or face-to-face, try to plan more interactive activities as one may become restless as time passes.

Overall, this programme was really interesting and enjoyable, and I am thankful to be given the opportunity to attend this leadership programme!



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