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JUMP Productions currently provides CCA coaching services to a various number of schools, ranging from primary school to even special needs school. Our genres of coaching include Contemporary/Modern Dance, Hip-hop/Street Dance, Ballet and fusion styles.


Across the years, our schools have achieved commendable results in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation for the International Dance category, in both the Primary as well as Secondary divisions. Our team has also clinched notable achievements in national dance competitions such as Super 24.

In our CCA plans, we place an equal emphasis on the development of both character as well as skill. We believe that true and lasting aptitude in any field follows after having the right attitude. That is why our instructors focus on teaching not just dance techniques and choreography but also on inculcating important values such as discipline, resilience, teamwork and self- confidence.

Our curriculums and training plans encompass a wide range of activities that are key to the development of well-rounded dance artists. These include: physical conditioning to build up the strength and muscular endurance of the dancers, teaching them about the importance of warming up and cooling down, proper technique drilling and exercises, choreography, and of course, letting students have the freedom for self and group creative exploration, to allow them room to develop their own talents and styles, and to encourage more independent practice of the dance arts.

With our co-curricular programme, our aim is to build a harmonious and long-lasting relationship with our schools, so that we can provide an optimum environment for progressive and personal grooming of the dancers under our tutelage.

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