Besides just the regular Co-Curricular Activity and dance enrichment coaching, JUMP Productions prides ourselves on the provision of special and exclusive events to our students and partnering schools. Under our events wing, we have a wide range of events under the umbrella of ‘Project RE:’.


‘RE’ stands for Ripple Effect, and this range of programmes focuses on creating platforms whereby knowledge, inspiration and positive interactions can be passed down from one recipient to another, and so the effect continues.

One of these events is RE:define (for secondary and tertiary schools) and RE:define Junior (for primary schools). This is a dance day-camp organised for all of JUMP Productions’ Co-Curricular Activity dance clubs. It began with its pilot run in 2012 with just four schools and 74 participants and has since grown year after year with resounding success. As one of JUMP Productions’ key annual events, RE:define is a unique initiative that brings together all the students under JUMP’s tutelage for a great time of sharing, learning, friendship-building and most importantly, for an immersive dance experience unlike any other. With RE:define, we want to reshape students’ ideologies of dance, challenge their definitions of success, and hone their character through teaching the importance of positive character qualities.

Another key exclusive event is LEAP, an annual workshop for the newly-elected leaders of our Secondary School CCAs. It is a session created to prepare them for the responsibilities of leadership, the requirements of their job scopes, and the expectations of taking on the role of leadership in a dance club.

With these events, we hope to provide platforms and opportunities for learning that extend beyond just the students’ regular training sessions and the dance studio. We want to be able to provide them with as much suitable exposure and experience from the local dance community and industry, for them to be able to confidently explore and discover their own selves as dance artists, performers and creators too.