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Our dance enrichment programmes commence at the introductory level and range to intermediate-standard content. In each of them, the components are tailored to suit the students’ age groups, level of experience and learning capabilities. All of the dance curriculums are structured in such a way that they build a strong foundation in the students, and equip them to be able to progress to further levels’ content. We focus on an all-rounded dance education that encompasses skill and technique, knowledge and history, body awareness, and the encouragement of creativity and self-expression.



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We currently offer dance enrichment workshops in the genres of: Hiphop, Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, Creative Movement, Cultural Dances, and K-Pop. We also offer special programmes such as after-school programmes for selected groups of students, as well as Primary 6 Post-PSLE dance programmes that include production design services for graduation ceremonies.

Our Hiphop and Creative Movement programmes (4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-lessons) are currently endorsed under the NAC-AEP programme, and we are working to expand this range of offerings in the near future. Schools can employ the use of the NAC-AEP funding to support their choice of programmes selected for the students.

Beyond just dance, JUMP Productions’ enrichment programmes also place a constant focus on the element of character development - a concept strong at the core of our belief system. We firmly believe in the appeal of using dance to coach values that are in line with MOE’s Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, such as that of self-awareness, relationship management (i.e. working in a team) and responsible decision making. Hence, infused seamlessly with the dance syllabus will be various activities and exercises that teach values that are essential for the grooming of young dancers with excellent characters and positive attitudes. Through this, we hope to achieve programmes that will, overall, provide the best possible effect for the students involved.

National Arts Council

Our programme is endorsed by the National Arts Council under their NAC-AEP Programme list. Schools can make use of Tote Board Funds to purchase the programme from JUMP. More information below:

Hip Hop

JUMP Productions’ Hip Hop (Street Dance) curriculum is an introductory programme for students to learn about Hiphop as a culture as well as a dance genre. They will learn about the history and background of Hip Hop (Street Dance), how it has grown and evolved rapidly over time, as well as its context in the local dance scene.

JUMP Productions’ Creative Movement curriculum is an introductory programme for students to engage their minds and their bodies. They will learn to better understand their physical structures and gain a better self- and body awareness by exploring the many ways of using their different body parts, aside from how they usually would in normal daily activities. 

Creative Movement

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